We are very proud of what they say and write about us. We are grateful to every client who has trusted us.

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Andrey Severin
Google review

The guys from Rubika are great, they made a website with the required functionality, on time and for an relevant price. Special thanks to Nikita, who kept communication of all stages of development and gave answers to my questions. I will definitely contact you again if necessary.

Alex G
Google review

Reliable Quality work outstanding customer service support

Gleb Vatulya
Letter review
Benedict Westenra
Google review

Nikita is a highly competent and communicative developer. He solved every problem I threw at him, and whenever there were options he laid them out clearly, explaining the pros and cons of each, so that I could make informed decisions. Warmly recommended.

Valera Bienko

Professionals in their field! Recommend!

Vlad M
Google review

We are very pleased with our cooperation with Rubika – the work on creating the website was done professionally, within the agreed time frame, the guys listened to our wishes, offered their options – and in the end we got exactly what we wanted! I recommend the company as reliable and responsible specialists with whom it is pleasant to communicate and cooperate! Thank you!

Akop Karapetyan
Letter review
Paul G
Google review

Many thanks to the guys and Nikita. I can’t say that we have finished our project without problems, I had to remind of many things, sometimes we argued, sometimes disagreed, but this is absolutely normal. My online store project was large and complex; I knew exactly what I wanted to see in the end, because it was the 3rd version of the online store; besides, I’m a detail-oriented person, so it was sometimes difficult, but I’m 99% satisfied with the result – because there are always a few little things that can be done better.

I can say that the strongest side of Rubika is excellent communication, they always answer, they don’t disappear for weeks (at maximum for several days), there is always some kind of feedback and even if your problem cannot be solved right now – it will be solved later. Normal adequate communication in IT, and especially in post-Soviet IT, is a huge rarity (this is my experience), so Rubika is valuable primarily for this.

So all in all, I’d say that I am, of course, satisfied. In addition, during this project, I have learned a lot, the guys helped me to do a few things (which were not discussed initially) for free. Thanks to them for this. Will I appeal to them again if it is necessary? I think yes. Will I recommend Rubika to my friends who need a good, well-thought-out site? Definitely! If you have a clear idea of what you want to get in the end, if you remind of those things that you think should be done in a certain way – then everything will be fine.

Nikita, I wish you more serious clients, attention to details (!), good employees and patience. Website design, programming, communication with clients (not all of them are as cute as I am) is very difficult, and patience + adequate communication is probably the most important thing. There are enough professionals in any area, but in the end it always comes down to how pleasant it is for you to do business with this professional. Other things being equal, you will always choose someone who you enjoy communicating with.

Dmitry Rybalko
Google review

I express my gratitude to the web studio Rubika for creating the site The guys faced the difficult task of creating a logo, corporate identity, and naturally creating a site. Before contacting the web studio Rubika there was a certain fear from a lack of understanding of the process of creating a site, a fear of seeing something that I didn’t like at the final stage.

After a personal meeting with Nikita, there was no trace of fear … I realized that I had turned to a professional in my field. Already at the final, we can say that in the end result everything turned out much better than expected. The guys are great fellows, they completed the work with five plus points!

I will continue to cooperate with the guys in the future, as well as advise friends.

PJSC "Turbogaz"
Google review

Our gratitude to the company “Rubika” for the professional performance of work on creating a corporate website.

The tasks set were completed in full accordance with our wishes. The entire process of interaction – from the coordination of the technical specifications and the desired design to the training to work with the site – left a good impression.

Thanks for the work.

Teknika GROUP
Google review

Everything is fine as usual. I can recommend this company. We’ve already ordered the development of sites for several companies of our holding.

Advantages: there is an opportunity to deal directly with the competent contractor, and from personal experience, this is really good; the price is absolutely adequate; if necessary, the guys refine the project very quickly.

Michael Lazarenko
Google review

I ordered landing, the guys did it efficiently and on time.

Olena Voloshchuk
Google review

They are very competent guys. Perfect balance of professionalism, common sense and service cost.

Yaroslav Savchuk
Google review

I’ve ordered the page making of the djstudioone site from Rubika. Thank you so much for the quick implementation of my plans! It’s nice to work with responsible people!

Network Telecommunications
Google review

We’ve ordered the development of the company’s website. The work has been done very quickly.

The developers took into consideration all the wishes, and the project manager’s given important recommendations in accordance with modern trends.

Thanks, we will recommend you!

Timofey Sazhnev
Google review

I am a web designer and owner of a design studio, I develop complex and unique design layouts that not everyone can make up. I turned to the team with the task of making a site with an adaptive design and tying it to the control system. They have done everything efficiently. I am satisfied with the work, you can see the result, here is the link:

Olga Korneeva
Google review

Thank you for the quality work! You’ve made the site fast and very well. I’ve been provided guidance on all issues. I am pleased with the work; I will recommend your team.

Valery Proshkovsky
Google review

We created several sites before and the belief in both “creating an online store from scratch” and the existence of smart professional programmers disappeared, which was very disappointing and sad.

Our attempts to understand the features of the engine or to find and fix at least the main problems (on our own or with the help) brought me to the posts and comments of Nikita several times. He helped me once or twice, but there were too many problems with the site.

The most interesting thing was that he solved the problems very effectively, without the usual slowness and abstruse terms. In other words, he really tried to help and clarify difficult moments to me, and he managed to do it very quickly! I was shocked to meet such a proficient professional in creating websites after several years of torment with other people from this industry.
I reiterate my thanks to you personally, Nikita, and to the Rubika team for restoring my faith in programmers and developers!

I’d like to appeal to potential clients of Nikita and the Rubika team – I hope you understand that then I decided to create a completely new site that would work properly, because I was sure that it was possible with Rubika.

Naturally, I doubted, stalled, thought about the pros and cons for a long time, but eventually I made the decision to make a new site (more precisely, an online store) with all the elements I needed. I didn’t understand exactly how to start, but I knew what I wanted to get (in view of previous experience), and during the working process the convenient interaction program was set up.
Thank you, Nikita, for your consistency in affairs and business relations – this helps your clients a lot, I think it will be useful to me again in the future. Well, so far we’ve developed and implemented 2 new online stores, and now they are being filled with the content.

Rubika also offers SEO support, we are working in this direction, and we have already seen the effectiveness of the rating transfer from the old site and the first results.

I wish success and prosperity to the Rubika team! A special thanks to Nikita!

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