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The goal

New modern and user-friendly portal development for Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.


  • analyze the old site
  • develop the design of a new website according to the brand book
  • design a new adaptive information portal that would take into account all the university structure
Valery Semenets

Redesign history

The website of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, as one of the best universities in Ukraine, left much to be desired both from a visual and practical point of view: it was not convenient not only for visitors when searching for the necessary information, but also for the administration when updating it.

The problem of the old site was the presence of duplicate pages, for example, for each employee who is part of two or more departments (departments, councils, laboratories or associations), the same number of duplicate pages were created.

This approach not only clogs the site database, which increases the server load and page loading speed, but also creates certain difficulties in updating information, because you need to find all the pages!

NURE old website design
NURE new website design


Before working on the design and developing the site, our team took up the study of the project architecture, because it is precisely the literacy of building architecture that is the key to a successful foundation.

Thanks to fruitful cooperation with representatives of the university, our team developed a competent website architecture, types of objects and worked out the links between them. Specials have been developed. sections and take into account all the subtleties of the structure of the university.

Website Architecture

NURE website second menu level page


NURE website homepage

Management page

This section presents the main persons of the educational institution and we decided that this section should be different from the rest, because each of these people plays a significant role in the life of the university.

NURE website management page

Faculties list page

Thanks to the new menu and structure of sections, it became clear to the visitor where to look for the information he needs and to easily navigate the site.

NURE website faculties list page old design
NURE website faculties list page new design

Department page redesign

The new website of the University of Radio Electronics had to be made in accordance with the existing brand book, to make it modern, strict and simple. Our team was able to develop a unique design that meets all requirements.

NURE website single faculty page old design
NURE website single faculty page new design

Contacts page

On the contacts page we posted:

  • legal address,
  • basic phones,
  • map,

And additional buttons placed a complete telephone directory and a link to the directorate of the campus.

NURE website contacts page

SEO promotion

The first results of the new design and well-developed site structure.

Traffic increase +280%

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Increasing keywords in Google +1854%

Increasing website keywords by 1854% with SEO promotion

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