Web Design Development

Design is the company's face, it forms the first product's or service's impression that it represents, and is one of the main factors for making a positive decision by a customer.

Website appearance is one of the most important aspects for a visitor. It plays a huge role in customer product or company trust and also is very important for the correct presentation. Rubika Agency's specialists are always ready to surprise you with fresh ideas, creative solutions, and new trends.

Terms: from 1 week

What do you get
  • your brand loyalty and competitiveness increase
  • website conversion increase
  • intuitive user interface (UI/UX)
  • a modern and unique look
  • smart layout design
  • your ideas professional presentation
  • balancing graphics and text

Website design development stages

  1. Free

    Niche analysis, website structure development, design style and necessary elements discussion.

  2. Design

    Website first-page design development, discussion, and amendments at the request of the client.

  3. Design

    Receiving the client's confirmation that the design meets all the requirements and wishes.

  4. Remaining pages

    Remaining pages design development from the agreed list according to the approved style, iterative approval.

  5. Mobile

    Website pages mobile version development for different screen sizes.

  6. Design

    Source files preparation and transferring to the client or responsible person in the required format.

Work examples

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Technologies and tools

After Effects

After Effects

Creating and editing video clips and animations software from Adobe company.



Graphic editor for developing interfaces and prototyping websites, mobile applications, working with vector graphics.



Vector graphics editor used to design logos, icons and other images.



Graphic editor for working with raster graphics and post-processing of images.



Project management system for tasks management, monitoring and history in teamwork.


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