Website Redesign

Show customers that your brand is growing and thriving with a brand new appearance and user experience convenience.

Websites, like other software products, and other things, tend not only to become obsolete but also objectively become unusable. After all, technologies are moving forward, the devices from which web pages are viewed are changing, and the world around is changing too. Therefore, it is necessary to update your site in time to stay on the crest of the wave.

Terms: from 2 weeks

What do you get
  • your brand loyalty and competitiveness increase
  • website conversion increase
  • intuitive user interface (UI/UX)
  • a modern and unique look
  • smart layout design
  • your ideas professional presentation

Website redesign stages

  1. Free

    Niche analysis, website new structure development, design style and necessary elements discussion.

  2. Design

    New website design layout development in accordance with the approved project structure, UI/UX rules, and the client's wishes. Design approving.

  3. Front-end

    Interactive HTML page development that adapts to all types of mobile devices from the design. Responsive HTML&CSS markup development.

  4. Programming
    & implementation

    Custom CMS theme development from the HTML pages. Custom functionality implementation, administrative panel setup.

  5. Testing
    & launch

    Website functionality and performance testing. Searching for errors and bugs. Hosting setup and project launch.

  6. Update
    & support

    Website functionality update and support, improving SEO optimization and promotion in search engines.

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Technologies and tools



Vector graphics editor used to design logos, icons and other images.



Graphic editor for developing interfaces and prototyping websites, mobile applications, working with vector graphics.

After Effects

After Effects

Creating and editing video clips and animations software from Adobe company.



Graphic editor for working with raster graphics and post-processing of images.



Project management system for tasks management, monitoring and history in teamwork.


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