Logo Design

A logo is a combination of shapes, colors, and signs that make your brand unique and recognizable, allowing you to stand out from your competitors.

This graphic element is the most important element in the corporate style, as it is used everywhere, in different colors and sizes, which must be taken into account when designing the logo. It is the visual element that consumers associates with a particular brand, which, with a positive image, allows you to increase sales.

Terms: from 3 days

What do you get
  • facilitates brand identification
  • recognition and brand trust increase
  • universal logo for all formats and colors
  • combining modern trends and customer wishes

Logo design stages

  1. Information

    Analysis of the field of activity, existing elements of the brand, and identification of the needs and desires of consumers.

  2. Idea

    Idea and message determination that the logo should carry, necessary image search to form the desired emotions when it is perceived.

  3. Concept

    Several new logo concepts development and enhancement of the sign's shape, font selection, and layout format determination.

  4. Figuration

    Selected concept details elaboration: color scheme development, dimensions, minor improvements.

  5. Presentation

    Logo presentation on promotional products, in print, or on corporate objects.

  6. Sources

    Vector format source files preparation and transferring to the client.

Work examples

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Technologies and tools



Vector graphics editor used to design logos, icons and other images.



Graphic editor for developing interfaces and prototyping websites, mobile applications, working with vector graphics.



Graphic editor for working with raster graphics and post-processing of images.

After Effects

After Effects

Creating and editing video clips and animations software from Adobe company.



Project management system for tasks management, monitoring and history in teamwork.


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