Our team is a constantly evolving organism, where each of its members is an important element in the process.
Alea iacta est!


In 2016, we united into a company of like-minded people to provide IT services and create useful and high-quality websites. Having previous experience in freelancing, as well as experience in large IT corporations, we decided to create our own unique atmosphere of a small team capable of performing big tasks.

Our office is located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. It brings together designers and developers who enjoy working on the most daring projects. We listen to our clients and turn their business dreams into reality.

Rubika has designed over 100 websites for our clients, has also created the corporate identity for some of them, and completed several successful graphic projects. Being a young company, we are proud to say that we are trusted by reputable clients to develop branding for their companies, in the development of websites and marketing products.


Our philosophy is to improve every day. We do not stand still and do not consider ourselves unshakable museum exhibits or sculptures. We are dynamic, and this is our strength, using our experience, we absorb everything new in the IT industry and move towards our goal.

Rubika’s philosophy is a constant movement, similar to the movement of the sides in the Rubik’s Cube, which sooner or later allows you to bring the color panels into a single whole. But even after that, we do not stop, we begin to assemble a new puzzle, and achieve the maximum result. You can learn more about the company’s ideology by reading the history of our logo.

What do we work with

Our specialization is branding and development of web solutions.

  • Web
    • Figma
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe After Effects
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Sketch
  • Front-end
    • HTML5
    • CCS3
    • JavaScript
    • Bootstrap
    • jQuery
    • Sass
    • LESS
    • GIT
  • Back-end
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • WordPress
    • OpenCart

Our rewards

Over the years of hard and fruitful work, our team has received many diplomas and awards.
We are among the top ten design studios in the country.


The best reward for us is the feedback from our customers. We respect their opinion and combine it with our experience to achieve maximum results. As a result, we receive a lot of gratitude from satisfied customers.

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