Front-end Development

A high-quality website front-end is the key to fast loading and correct display of website pages on all devices.

Website front-end is one of the important points in creating a website because it directly affects the correct display of the website's pages on different devices and its loading speed, and as you know, this is an important factor for ranking in the search results of Google and other search engines.

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What do you get
  • semantic markup
  • responsive layout (mobile-friendly)
  • high page loading speed
  • using modern elements in markup

Front-end development process stages

  1. Design

    Evaluation of the volume and complexity of layout according to the provided designs.

  2. Pages

    Development of HTML and CSS code of the page, adding dynamism using JavaScript.

  3. Responsive

    Development of adaptability rules for mobile devices for all pages.

Work examples

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Technologies and tools



The latest version of web pages markup language for the websites that supports multimedia elements.



The latest version of Cascading Style Sheets allows to create visual effects and animations.



Front- and back-end programming language for user interfaces of dynamic website pages.



Popular CSS library for web development that allows to unify and speed up the development process.



Distributed version control system to preserve the integrity and history of changes while working on projects.


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