Corporate Website Development

It will strengthen confidence in your company and allow you to find new partners and regular customers.

In today's world, more and more things and processes are going digital, business isn't an exception, and a company's corporate website is not a luxury, but necessary.

The development of a corporate website will help build a sales funnel on the Internet, thereby expanding the horizons of your company.

Terms: from 3 weeks

What do you get
  • brand loyalty increase
  • unique turnkey design
  • responsive markup (mobile-friendly)
  • high loading speed website
  • convinient admin panel
  • hosting setup

Corporate website development is not a luxury, but a means of promoting a business. Such a site is a full-fledged representation of the company on the Internet. You can contact with a company using website around the clock and get all the necessary information, order products and services, get expert advice.

The goals of corporate website development

Here are the main goals pursued:

  • provide detailed information about the company, including documents, licenses, contracts, etc.;
  • provide customers and partners with round-the-clock access to all relevant information about the organization;
  • talk about achievements, awards, most important clients;
  • to present the company’s services, products, terms of sale, etc.;
  • create an additional sales channel;
  • expand the geography of the company’s activities;
  • make public contact information, addresses of regional offices, opening hours, etc.

At the end of the list, it is worth mentioning the most important task of creating a company website: increase the number of orders and, as a result, increase profits.

In our company, a preliminary consultation of specialists is free of charge. We will help you to clearly define the idea, the goals of creating a company website, the overall structure of the resource, which will best meet the specifics of this particular type of business.

In many cases there is a need to order a site not only for business. Web resources are required by organizations such as:

  • educational institutions;
  • charitable foundations;
  • organizations in the sphere of culture and art;
  • companies in the housing and utilities sector;
  • state, regional, municipal structures, etc.

We can order a website for a company of any profile, from a commercial company to a charitable organization.

Corporate website development ordering success criteria

Corporate website development is ordered by many companies, but this does not always lead to success. The most typical problems are:

  • the site is not visible in the search for the desired queries;
  • takes a long time to load;
  • visitors leave the site quickly;
  • the website has big audience, but does not bring orders;
  • design doesn’t meet modern requirements;
  • there are errors in the program code, etc.

There are several reasons for such problems, but the main one is that they don’t deal with the site. It is not enough just to order a corporate website – it must be constantly maintained, expanded, supplemented with new materials, optimized, modernized, redesigned and many other works. A powerful company website is a daily effort to improve it. Otherwise, all the costs of creating are useless, and the site will respond in the search only to some complex query, say, “Hummingbird Investment Limited”.

We will carry out all types of service work at all stages of the existence of the created site.

Website development stages

The creation of a corporate website takes place in several stages:

  • preliminary consultations and development of terms of reference;
  • design layout development;
  • content preparation (texts, photos, audio and video files);
  • SEO optimization;
  • layout taking into account the developed structure, ensuring usability (ease of use for visitors);
  • adapt for mobile devices;
  • implementation (creating a theme for a CMS);
  • programming;
  • integration with social networks and video hosting sites;
  • testing, correcting existing shortcomings;
  • commissioning.

Each of the stages of creating a corporate website includes additional types of work and may require the participation of several specialists. The stage of development of technical specifications (technical specifications) is very important. Here, together with the client, the contractor determines and fixes in writing all the wishes and requirements regarding all parties and the specifics of the order. In fact, the TOR is a detailed statement of the intent of the future site.

At the stage of the development of technical specifications, it is useful to conduct a constructive dialogue between the customer and the contractor. A competent webmaster will suggest the best ways to solve the problems that are set by the client. It is worth listening carefully to the recommendations of professionals and taking them into account when preparing the terms of reference.

What happens after creating a web project?

When a corporate website is developed, in the early stages of its existence, your resource will not be visible in search results (at least in high positions). If, after indexing, the site gets into at least the TOP-50 for one of the target queries, this is already pretty good. But what if the conversion is needed now?

In this case, the path is as follows: order contextual advertising for the company’s website. Such advertising will allow your site to be in the client’s field of view for targeted requests even from the first days of work.

Website development prices in Rubika Agency

How much does it cost to create a corporate website? It is very expensive? It all depends on the complexity and scale of the project. And also from which company to place an order. It is important to say here that investing in a quality website is a profitable investment in the future of the company, in its development and commercial success. Such an investment will pay off handsomely in the near future.

On you can order a turnkey website for a company. What are the benefits of working with us?

We provide services such as:

  • free preliminary consultation of specialists;
  • full cycle of website creation, starting with domain purchase and ending with service support;
  • great experience of successful work (see portfolio and reviews);
  • favorable prices;
  • site promotion services;
  • a team of specialists who know and love their job.

Ultimately, our goal is not just to fulfill the client’s order, but to bring the created site to the ideal, so that it meets the requirements of the business as much as possible, brings profit, and is useful to people.

Corporate website development stages

  1. Free

    Analysis of the niche, competitors, architecture of the future website development, design, and the necessary functionality discussion.

  2. Design

    Website design layout development in accordance with the approved project structure, UI/UX rules, and the client's wishes. Design approving.

  3. Front-end

    Interactive HTML pages development that adapts to all types of mobile devices from the design. Responsive HTML&CSS markup development.

  4. Programming
    & implementation

    Custom CMS theme development from the HTML pages. Custom functionality implementation, administrative panel setup.

  5. Testing
    & launch

    All corporate website's pages functionality and performance testing. Searching for errors and bugs. Hosting setup and project launch.

  6. Update
    & support

    Corporate website functionality update and support, improving SEO optimization and promotion in search engines.

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Technologies and tools



Graphic editor for developing interfaces and prototyping websites, mobile applications, working with vector graphics.



Distributed version control system to preserve the integrity and history of changes while working on projects.



The latest version of web pages markup language for the websites that supports multimedia elements.



The latest version of Cascading Style Sheets allows to create visual effects and animations.



Popular CSS library for web development that allows to unify and speed up the development process.



Front- and back-end programming language for user interfaces of dynamic website pages.



Popular JavaScript library for interfacing JS and HTML.



Programming language for website development. More than 80% of projects on the Internet use PHP.



One of the most popular website content management systems, which is used by 40% of websites on the Internet.



Project management system for tasks management, monitoring and history in teamwork.


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