Multi-brand clothing eCommerce website in the USA

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The goal

Onemoda multi-brand clothing eCommerce website development


  • eCommerce website design
  • adaptive HTML layout
  • eCommerce website functionality development
  • data migration from the old website
  • payment systems integration: Stripe, Affirm, PayPal, AmazonPay
  • CMS admin panel reworking according to the client’s requirements
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Project history

Due to the successful work for a long time on previous projects, the client approached us with the task of redesigning an online branded clothing store in the USA. The terms of reference and design wishes for the new online store were provided, which we discussed with our team with the client and his representative.

The main problem with the old version of the site was the lack of a modern design that inspires confidence, which affects the percentage of conversions. The second most important aspect was the mobile version since 80% of the traffic is mobile.

Special attention was paid to site speed, as the site had to load quickly and display correctly in all modern browsers.

Another requirement was to transfer all site data and addresses of existing pages.

It was decided to develop a minimalistic and strict design with an emphasis on products while taking into account the peculiarities of graphics and a small amount of text content.


For the main page of the online store, a typical concept of eCommerce projects was taken with the main slideshow, a list of main categories, as well as promotions and brands.

The difference between the main page in this project is the cart widget, which displays the products previously added to the cart if the user has not placed an order before.

Within the framework of the project, additional elements for displaying discounts and promotional offers were developed, for example:

  • header bar;
  • information about coupons on the product card on the category page and on the product page;
  • a separate page with a list of promotional offers.

Onemoda eCommerce website homepage

Website header and menu sections

The main menu, search, favorites, and shopping cart were placed in the header of the site. The menu is divided into two main sections – men’s and women’s, in each of which, when hovering over, subsections appear clothing, shoes, and accessories, as well as more specific categories of the third level.

The second-level menu block contains small advertising banners, which allow you to focus the user’s attention on the necessary sections of the online store.

The search field is implemented with a drop-down menu-hints, which “on the fly” loads products that match the entered search query.

Catalog page

This page is designed as a tile of child categories, in Windows Metro style, with images reflecting the type of products from this subsection, each of which smoothly increases on hover, which creates an unobtrusive and pleasant effect.

Category page

The main task in developing this page was to focus on the photo of the product, while the image format should be universal and suitable for all types of products. Based on the aspect ratio of the images, the sizes of the product cards were selected, as well as the number of displayed units in one line.

When you hover over a product card, the image changes to another in order to show this product from different angles in the general list without going to the page of a specific product.

In the left column, there is a filter that allows you to select the desired product in more detail. When scrolling the page, the filter is fixed on the user’s screen for easier interaction with it.

There is also a button to hide the filter, in cases where it does not matter to the buyer. In this case, the page shows more products per row.

Product page

During the development of the site, special attention was paid to the principle of working with the dimensions of goods, since the previous version of the site was built very impractically. When transferring data to the new version of the site, the information was systematized and a new convenient principle of working and managing sizes was developed.

It was very important to display a table of sizes for each product, as well as information on return methods and other informational links, such as “Ask a question” for the product.

Cart page

A separate website header template was developed for the shopping cart page, which would not distract the user from the ordering procedure. The basket itself is made in a minimalistic style for ease of perception.

Onemoda eCommerce website cart page

Checkout page

Onemoda eCommerce website checkout page

Thanks for the order page

Onemoda eCommerce website thanks for the order page

Favorites page

FAQ page

Since one of the tasks in the redesign of the online store was to increase the level of user confidence, special attention was paid to information pages, such as:

  • FAQ page;
  • Contacts page;
  • About page.

Onemoda eCommerce website FAQs page

Contacts page

Onemoda eCommerce website's contacts page

About page

This section of the website was not overloaded with a large amount of text, but through the graphic component and special effects, they tried to convey the idea of the brand.

404 error page

Onemoda eCommerce website's 404 error page

Mobile version

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