Building materials hypermarket eCommerce website

The goal

Ecommerce website development of building materials for LLC "Stroypartner"


  • eCommerce website design development
  • responsive website markup (HTML & CSS Layout)
  • CMS implementation & functionality development
  • customer authorization with mobile phone number
  • extended comments
  • microdata implementation
  • manufacturers/brands reviews
  • audio product description
  • technical documentation downloads
  • whole cart quick order
  • purchasing goods with bonus points
  • different terms and icons for different products

Project history

Working on this online store was interesting and fruitful. Our team solved the complex tasks of the client to implement the functionality and coped with all the challenges.

The description of the functionality and development of marketing opportunities within the site by the customer was detailed and thoughtful, which made it possible to build an effective process for developing an online store and implement the project in accordance with all requirements.


The main page is made in a classic style, using:

  • promotional offers main banner, consisting of several slider banners;
  • promotional offers, with the ability to go to the section with discounted goods;
  • advertising banners;
  • block of recommended categories and products;
  • block of new arrivals;
  • recent blog entries;
  • list of manufacturers/brands.

The main difficulty in developing the main page of the online store was the layout of the header and footer of the website since it was necessary to place a large number of informational and functional elements for user interaction.

LLC Stroypartner eCommerce website homepage


When developing the eCommerce website menu of the catalog, all sections and types of commodity items presented in the hypermarket were taken into account. To implement such a three-dimensional category tree structure, a three-level menu is used, navigation through which is facilitated by graphic elements.

For the first level, category icons were developed for visual division into the main types of goods, and at the third level, images are already used for deeper detailing of the variety of goods.

Catalog page

This page contains not only an extended version of the catalog for easier navigation, but also additional marketing elements:

  • banner system;
  • promotional offers;
  • recent blog entries.

LLC Stroypartner eCommerce website catalog page

Category page

On the category page, there is a slider with a list of child categories and a filter in the fixed side panel. Also for this page, a banner system was developed and implemented, which consists of:

  • ad units in a floating sidebar that is always visible to the user;
  • an advertising banner in the product list that the user will notice when viewing the product range.

This allows you to place even more special offers on the page by natively embedding them into the site content.

Icons & labels system

As part of the creation of the eCommerce website, it was necessary to develop a system of information icons/labels that would inform the user about the special conditions applicable to the product.

Such a system implied the creation of two types of information elements for products:

  1. privilege system – bonuses and other pleasant conditions for its purchase were indicated for each product, for example, constant availability or free shipping;
  2. product icons – a system that allows you to attach additional informational graphic elements with captions to the product, for example, “multiple shipping” or “discounted product”.

Manufacturer/Brand page

A separate rating system has been developed for the brands (manufacturers) section, which allows you to leave comments about manufacturers and brands presented in this online store.

Product page

A separate huge work was carried out on the product page on the layout and development of functionality, since this page is compact and conveniently placed:

  • name and code of the product – so that the user can immediately identify the product for the operator;
  • information and privileges icons;
  • product bonus points price;
  • one-click purchase;
  • benefits and conditions for purchasing products in this online store;
  • a form for specifying wholesale terms of delivery;
  • description in audio format and text;
  • characteristics and technical documentation;
  • product video;
  • extended reviews with rating, replies and subscription to replies;
  • questions and advices;
  • analogues;
  • recommended products.

Cart page

For the cart page, a quick order system was developed, which allows you to order in one click, not one product, as on the product page, but all the goods from the cart at a time.

Also on the shopping cart page there is all the information on the goods:

  • order amount;
  • the amount of points received for the purchase of a given number of units;
  • order weight to calculate transportation.

LLC Stroypartner eCommerce website cart page

Checkout page

Products comparassion

User account

One of the requirements in the development of an online store was the implementation of a personal user account with order history, accumulation of bonus points, as well as a gradation by type of buyer.

The functionality of authorization and registration using a mobile phone number was also implemented since the target audience of this store rarely uses e-mail.

LLC Stroypartner eCommerce website user account page

Informational pages

Blog post page

This page serves as a landing page to attract visitors to the online store for information requests with further conversion of users into customers.

This is facilitated by the presence of a list of related products mentioned in the article. Thus, a visitor who has come to the page of the site from the search results can read the article and immediately purchase the product of interest to him.

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