Plugs production eCommerce website

The goal

Plug production eCommerce website development with a flexible interface for retail and wholesale buyers


  • eCommerce website design development taking into account the characteristics of the audience
  • adaptive website HTML&CSS (layout) markup
  • CMS implementation and functionality development


When developing the design of this eCommerce website, our team faced the difficulty of placing a large amount of information in the website header, but we successfully coped with compliance with all the rules for creating interfaces.

The task was that the company decided to rebrand, while the user must understand that this is the same brand, but updated.

Zaglushki eCommerce website homepage

Category grid page

Also, when developing this online store, it was necessary to implement the division of site users into types of buyers: retail and wholesale. Depending on the type of buyer, one or another type of catalog is used by default.

For retail buyers, the grid view is convenient, while wholesale buyers are more familiar with the tabular format in which they can form a wholesale order.

Zaglushki eCommerce website category grid page

Category table page

Zaglushki eCommerce website category table page

Product page

Zaglushki eCommerce website product page

Checkout page

Zaglushki eCommerce website checkout page

Blog page

Zaglushki eCommerce website blog page

Blog post page

Zaglushki eCommerce website blog post page

Contacts page

Zaglushki eCommerce website contacts page

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