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The goal

Create an information site for the official De Esse Ltd. in France

Tatyana Kotusova
Deesse Bags, De Esse wholesale

We are keeping in touch with Rubika all the time because new projects are coming out and we’re asking Rubika to help us. Every time they come up with new ideas and solutions, and they help us with our mini-projects. We’re extremely happy and will carry on our relationships. Thanks a lot!


Minimalism was chosen as the main style. The website header contains only the logo, the language switcher for French and English, and the main menu.

Deesse bags header


Since the main purpose of the site is to present new collections – the content of the site is a gallery. Each of the blocks leads the user to a particular collection.
Below are all brands of this manufacturer.

Deesse Bags - content

Interactive map

An interactive map has been developed for this website. When you hover over the region, the name of the country appears, as well as the website of the company’s representative office in this region.

Deesse Bags - Contacts

Mobile version

The number of users from mobile devices is growing every month – more and more people are shopping and searching for information on the Internet from their mobile devices. The adaptability of the website today is perhaps the most important advantage.

Deesse Bages - Mobile version


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