Elite bed linen eCommerce website

The goal

Elite bed linen eCommerce website development, taking into account the specifics of the product.


  • responsive HTML&CSS markup
  • product parameters choice functionality
  • implement store reviews
  • personal account section
  • callbacks
  • category product filter
  • quick product view
  • news section
  • newsletter subscription
Anna Kholod

Our site became outdated and I decided to approach a friend of mine, the designer Danila. He made some nice designs. Then he advised me to deal with Rubika when it comes to website creation. So I did. I was surprised how the dealt with my website, the job was done on the highest level, it was cool. Thank you guys!


The client already had a website when he contacted our team and the task was to redesign the existing website. Since the functionality and code of the old site were already obsolete, it was decided to implement the site from scratch.

And since this type of product implies a certain aristocracy, the general style of the site is made in pastel colors with an emphasis on products.

Postel-Elit old eCommerce website design
Postel-Elit new eCommerce website design


The home page is focused on the catalog, new items, as well as promotional offers and popular products.

Каталог главной страницы

Category and filter

Postel-elite eCommerce website category page with filter

Product page

The product page of this eCommerce website contains several classic blocks:

  1. product images;
  2. selecting a specific product options;
  3. the main characteristics of the product;
  4. description and reviews tabs;
  5. recommended products.

The solution with different item sizes was implemented as separate items, as this allows for more flexible management. Unlike the standard options in Opencart, you can:

  • set an absolute price, not relative to the main product;
  • add discounts and promotions to each of the positions;
  • search for the right size when using a filter.

Postel-Elit eCommerce website product page


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