Spearfishing equipment eCommerce website

The goal

Nirok eCommerce website redesign, taking into account the specifics of the products.


  • trade product analysis
  • eCommerce website redesign
  • website architecture development
  • useful information for each category
  • extended description of characteristics
  • extended product comments
  • expert comment
  • product videos
  • SEO promotion in search engines
Valery Proshkovsky

We created several sites before and the belief in both “creating an online store from scratch” and the existence of smart professional programmers disappeared, which was very disappointing and sad.

Our attempts to understand the features of the engine or to find and fix at least the main problems (on our own or with the help) brought me to the posts and comments of Nikita several times. He helped me once or twice, but there were too many problems with the site.

The most interesting thing was that he solved the problems very effectively, without the usual slowness and abstruse terms. In other words, he really tried to help and clarify difficult moments to me, and he managed to do it very quickly! I was shocked to meet such a proficient professional in creating websites after several years of torment with other people from this industry.
I reiterate my thanks to you personally, Nikita, and to the Rubika team for restoring my faith in programmers and developers!

I’d like to appeal to potential clients of Nikita and the Rubika team – I hope you understand that then I decided to create a completely new site that would work properly, because I was sure that it was possible with Rubika.

Naturally, I doubted, stalled, thought about the pros and cons for a long time, but eventually I made the decision to make a new site (more precisely, an online store) with all the elements I needed. I didn’t understand exactly how to start, but I knew what I wanted to get (in view of previous experience), and during the working process the convenient interaction program was set up.
Thank you, Nikita, for your consistency in affairs and business relations – this helps your clients a lot, I think it will be useful to me again in the future. Well, so far we’ve developed and implemented 2 new online stores, and now they are being filled with the content.

Rubika also offers SEO support, we are working in this direction, and we have already seen the effectiveness of the rating transfer from the old site and the first results.

I wish success and prosperity to the Rubika team! A special thanks to Nikita!

Redesign history

The client contacted us because the existing eCommerce website was developed on the basis of a standard template, did not bring results, and malfunctioned. Our team suggested developing the site from scratch since the current version did not implement the minimum required functionality for trading in this niche.

I would like to note that the client was involved in the process, which made the work on the project pleasant and fruitful, and the result was not long in coming.

Nirok eCommerce website old design
Nirok eCommerce website new design


Nirok eCommerce website homepage

Catalog page

Since this type of product is specialized, it is necessary to help the consumer in choosing it, so on the catalog category page, in addition to the classic product grid and filter, we added a block with the necessary information, as well as an advertising banner.

The block and banner can be turned on or off for each category separately in order not to force the user to scroll the page for a long time.

Nirok eCommerce website old catalog page
Nirok eCommerce website redesigned catalog page

Banners and FAQ section on Nirok eCommerce website category page

Product architecture

In addition to redesigning the product card, we introduced a system for selecting product items, since almost every product had its own additional parameters:

  • color,
  • size,
  • thickness.

This made it possible to collapse the catalog into product cards and reduce the number of products in categories, and also simplified the process of selecting products. It also allows you to set different prices, promotions, photos, and more for each individual item.

Nirok eCommerce website flippers parameters selection

Nirok eCommerce website diving suit parameters selection

Product page redesign

The product page has not only undergone significant changes in terms of design and interaction with the buyer, but also acquired additional useful information about the product:

  1. description of product attributes as some of them require further explanation;
  2. video review for each product;
  3. one-click checkout;
  4. extended reviews, with pros and cons of products, replies to comments, and the ability to subscribe to notifications of replies;
  5. Expert comment – comment from leading experts in the field.
Nirok eCommerce website old product page
Nirok eCommerce website redesigned product page

Product page

Nirok eCommerce website extended product page

Product comparison page

Nirok eCommerce website comparison page

SEO promotion

A small number of high-quality projects linking to the client, a well-thought-out structure, and an SEO-optimized filter.

Traffic increase +633%

Nirok website traffic increase by 633% with SEO promotion

Keywords increase +1202%

Nirok keywords increase by 1202% with SEO promotion

Visibility increase +312%

Nirok visibility increase by 312% with SEO promotion

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