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The goal

Eltex network equipment manufacturer online catalog development.


  • existing online catalog redesign
  • Solutions section development
  • Download center development

Redesign history

The design of this site was made in accordance with the existing style, corporate colors and fonts were used. The main page is made in a minimalist style, which allows you to shift the focus to sections of the online catalog and products.

Eltex online catalog old homepage
Eltex online catalog redesigned homepage


Eltex online catalog homepage

Category page

The category page is a grid of products with a filter that allows customers to quickly find the right equipment for all the necessary parameters.

Eltex online catalog old category page
Eltex online catalog redesigned category page

Product page

The following specific blocks have been added to the product page:

  • modules – allows you to bind certain products to the main product as plug-ins to this device;
  • downloads – a block with a list of types of downloads and the files themselves, documentation, software, and certificates are published in this block.

Also, the administrator has the ability to display two additional blocks with additional and recommended products on the product page.

Eltex online catalog old product page
Eltex online catalog redesigned product page

Downloads center page

This section was specially designed for this project and allows you to access all downloads for all products on the site. The user selects a product category, finds the product they are looking for, and specifies the file type they are interested in.

Eltex online catalog old downloads center page
Eltex online catalog redesigned downloads center page

Solution page

This section contains articles describing options for solving network problems that are implemented using Eltex equipment. On this page, we also placed the products that are mentioned in the article.

Eltex online catalog solution page

Contacts page

Eltex online catalog contacts page

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