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The goal

De Esse leather goods retail eCommerce website redesign


  • eCommerce website redesign
  • loyalty program implementation
  • extended reviews development
  • products kits purchase
  • friends bonuses (referral) program
Tatyana Kotusova
Deesse Bags, De Esse wholesale

We are keeping in touch with Rubika all the time because new projects are coming out and we’re asking Rubika to help us. Every time they come up with new ideas and solutions, and they help us with our mini-projects. We’re extremely happy and will carry on our relationships. Thanks a lot!


De Esse company approached us with the task of implementing an online store according to the design layout developed by the client, however, after analyzing the sources, we came to the conclusion that such a design would be low conversion and would not be user-friendly.

In this regard, our team offered website design development services, and, in our opinion, successfully coped with the task. The design of the site turned out to be bright, attractive, and comfortable.

De Esse eCommerce website homepage

Category page

Despite the doubts of the client, we equipped the catalog with a convenient filter that allows you to select the right product faster and easier. This increased the conversion in cases where it is important for the buyer to choose a product of a certain color, for example.

De Esse eCommerce website category page

Product page

On the product page, in addition to the already familiar elements, there is an opportunity to purchase a set of products at a reduced price and receive a second product as a gift.

We also added the functionality of extended comments already at the development stage in order to make communication with customers more comfortable.

De Esse eCommerce website product page

Account page

In the personal account, additional blocks were developed for the implementation of the loyalty program, bonus account, as well as the function to receive bonuses for a friend. The main focus has been shifted to them, and the controls (order history and profile change page) have been folded into one block.

De Esse eCommerce website account page

Checkout page

The checkout page also displays all of the customer’s options for benefiting from the checkout process:

  • bonus account;
  • loyalty program discount;
  • a field for entering a promotional code.

De Esse eCommerce website checkout page

Specials page

De Esse eCommerce website specials page

Contacts page

De Esse eCommerce website contacts page

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