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The goal

Corporate website development for the company BRENNER MACHINERY CO., LTD, for the production of industrial machinery with a catalog.


  • modern corporate website design development
  • responsive page layout
  • CMS WordPress implementation
Vlad M

We are very pleased with our cooperation with Rubika – the work on creating the website was done professionally, within the agreed time frame, the guys listened to our wishes, offered their options – and in the end we got exactly what we wanted! I recommend the company as reliable and responsible specialists with whom it is pleasant to communicate and cooperate! Thank you!

Project history

This project is a redesign of the corporate website for the manufacturer “BRENNER MACHINERY”. BRENNER MACHINERY CO., LTD is a German-Chinese joint venture located in China. The range of manufactured products of this company is front-end bucket loaders with a carrying capacity of 1 to 6 tons.

The client contacted us because he was looking for reliable developers who would be able to successfully implement his project. The main criterion for choosing a studio was the portfolio. Since the company’s products are large-scale equipment, it was important for the client that the studio specialized in the development of sites on such topics.

The client saw the successful cases Ukrtehnika and Turbogaz, and he no longer had any doubts about which studio to choose.


Corporate colors and a logo were attached to the terms of reference. Based on this we began to develop design versions. It was thanks to the style of the logo that the idea to add beveled lines to the site appeared.

It was important for the client to keep the main page simple and not overload it with additional elements.

Brenner Machinery CO LTD corporate website homepage

Catalog page

Brenner Machinery CO LTD corporate website catalog page

Product page

Since front-end loaders have a very extensive description, it was decided to display the information in the form of a table, as well as attach several supporting materials in the form of PDF documents.

It was also important to add video fragments to the product page that show the operation of equipment in real conditions. That adds more attractiveness to the offer and gives confidence to the user that the equipment will be able to cope with its tasks.

We also want to draw your attention to the pinned block containing photos from the gallery and the main blocks that are presented on the page. It was decided to introduce such an element because of the possible large amount of information about the product. According to this, the user needs an element that will allow him to quickly switch between certain blocks of information.

Brenner Machinery CO LTD corporate website product page

About page

The page about the company should emphasize the expertise of the manufacturer as much as possible. Therefore, it contains a detailed description of the company itself and the products it produces.

Also on the page, there are certificates that prove the quality of the product and its suitability for use. Finally, we have attached a feedback form.

Brenner Machinery CO LTD corporate website about page

Contacts page

We have made this page as simple and concise as possible so that the user is not distracted by unnecessary elements.

Brenner Machinery CO LTD corporate website contacts page

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