Corporate website for a metal processing company

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The goal

Develop a corporate website for the tools and metal processing company UkrTechnika, Teknika GROUP.


  • responsive layout
  • develop the necessary sections of the corporate website
  • develop a calculator for services section
Teknika GROUP

Everything is fine as usual. I can recommend this company. We’ve already ordered the development of sites for several companies of our holding.

Advantages: there is an opportunity to deal directly with the competent contractor, and from personal experience, this is really good; the price is absolutely adequate; if necessary, the guys refine the project very quickly.


The corporate website for the UkrTekhnika company is multilingual and includes the following sections:

  • products
  • services
  • news
  • about the company
  • contacts

One of the non-trivial tasks was the development of the services section, since a separate layout was developed for each of them and it was necessary to dive deeper into the services provided by the company for the successful implementation of the project.

Old web disign of Ukrtehnika website
New deisgn of homepage of Ukrtehnika website


Ukrtehnika corporates website homepage

Product page

The product page is a typical page with product images, the main description of the product, its characteristics, video reviews, documentation and related products.

For convenient navigation through the sections, if they are large, the user has a sidebar (side column), which is the navigation menu for this product page.

Ukrtehnika corporate website product page


In this project, each service has its own peculiarity, and the service page could consist of a set of several blocks:

  • description,
  • characteristics,
  • sub-services,
  • calculator,
  • tasks that the service solves,
  • examples of work,
  • equipment being used

and some of these blocks had multiple output options. As a result, a layout was drawn for each service, according to which we developed the site.

To solve this problem, we have developed a universal service page template that would be suitable for all types of services. In the administrative panel, it is enough simple to add the necessary content for the selected service.

Below is a page of one of the services, other possible blocks are presented below.

Ukrtehnika corporate website services page


Ukrtehnika corporate website subservices block


A separate task was to develop a universal calculator that could allow the user to calculate the cost of the service. Unlike classical calculators, where the user is allowed to specify the values of variables, here a table with values was used for the calculation, which had to be parsed.

Also, a description and explanation of its parameters was added to it, which wasn’t provided in original design.

Ukrtehnika corporate website calculator block

Adaptive layout

This corporate site, just like the others of the sites we develop, has an adaptive layout that allows you to conveniently use the site on any device, without depriving it of functionality.

Ukrtehnika corporate website adaptive layout

Contacts page

Ukrtehnika corporate website contacts page

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