Stretch ceiling installation company logo and corporate website development

The goal

Logo and corporate website development for "Versailles" company.


  • company logo development
  • selling website design development
  • fornt-end development (adaptive website layout, responsive HTML&CSS markup)
  • CMS WordPress implementation
Dmitry Rybalko

I express my gratitude to the web studio Rubika for creating the site The guys faced the difficult task of creating a logo, corporate identity, and naturally creating a site. Before contacting the web studio Rubika there was a certain fear from a lack of understanding of the process of creating a site, a fear of seeing something that I didn’t like at the final stage.

After a personal meeting with Nikita, there was no trace of fear … I realized that I had turned to a professional in my field. Already at the final, we can say that in the end result everything turned out much better than expected. The guys are great fellows, they completed the work with five plus points!

I will continue to cooperate with the guys in the future, as well as advise friends.

Logo development

The logo and corporate colors are the starting point when creating a website design, and at the time of the project, we were faced with the task of developing a logo based on the colors provided.

Our team has started working on different versions of the logo. It was decided to use a graphic element with the name in the logo for better recognition and brand promotion.

The designer of the Rubika team proposed more than forty options for graphic elements that were presented to the client, however, the client had his own preferences and vision, which we took into account because it is the client’s values ​​that create the brand.

Initial logo mockups

After familiarizing the client with the sketches, it was decided to start from the figure of the house. Next, we developed 4 versions of the logo. Which, as a result of the layout, turned into the final version.

Versal logo options

Versal company final logo

Also, our team developed a recommendation presentation to show how the client can use the logo.

An example of using the logo on branded items


When creating the project, the data obtained from the analysis of competitors played an important role. We understood that users in this niche pay attention to pictures. Therefore, it was decided to use photographic materials to the maximum. And the main page especially should correspond to it. Therefore, we placed two creative sliders on it, which go one after the other and thus attract the user’s attention from the first seconds.

In this design, I would like to note the footer. We visually merged it with the Application form, this was done because this form is found on all pages.

Versailles corporate website homepage

Product page

Getting to the product page, the user immediately sees a short description and a picture of this type of ceiling. This was done in order to visually fix the image of the ceiling in the memory of a person, and further moving along the site, the user could easily identify the types of ceilings and make a decision faster.

On the page, there are many pictures in the form of a photo gallery. After all, the user wants to imagine how this or that type of ceiling will look in his house.

Versailles corporate website product page

Services page

This page is implemented in a simple but at the same time visually pleasing way so that the user intuitively and immediately understands what additional services the company provides.

Versailles corporate website services page

Contacts page

The main element in this composition is the map. Since often customers prefer to come to the office of the company.

This trend has developed because stretch ceiling companies are local in nature and it is often convenient for customers to come to the office to get acquainted with the products and types of ceilings.

Versailles corporate website contacts page

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