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Yuri Borodin

We were looking for a team that would create a high-quality website for our products. We picked Rubika Web Development team. They did their work promptly, and most importantly with understanding what we really wanted.

Sergey Druzhkovsky

We worked with Rubik on the advice of a friend. The price was high and to save the budget (we didn’t know if the project would be profitable) we decided to make our website on a template with subsequent revision. Some of our wishes turned out to be very expensive to implement, but the highlights were done very quickly and not expensive.

We are happy with the result; the project is working and looks great! When we reach self-sufficiency, we will try to complete the missing functionality.

Thanks for the good work and constructive changes! I think we will continue to work with you.


If you want a website or an it-team to solve your problems, then Rubika is what you need. Our company can recommend it, everything that they do is quick and reliable!

Intellect Gymnasium
Intellect Gymnasium

A month before the school year our site on free hosting was stolen (someone bought the domain). We turned to the guys to restore the site.

As it turned out, there was almost nothing to restore there, and we ordered a very simple gymnasium website on WordPress (the administration had experience of work with it). The site was ready in 2 weeks, then we filled it for 2 weeks and on September 1 everything was fine.

Now we have a beautiful and fast site and a domain that will not be bought without our knowledge! Thanks!

Facebook targeting consultation

Great company! Everything has been done quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, they have spent enough time to consult me. Thanks to Nikita, who explained everything in an accessible way, suggested how to do it well.

I’ve completely trusted the guys and made the right choice! So, a tip for everyone, choose this company! Great service and good prices.

Educational project

Our cooperation, which has been going on for almost two years, can only be described on the positive side! The assigned tasks are performed quickly and efficiently. We will continue to work with you!

Teknika GROUP

I have seen a competent integrated approach to project implementation, accurate and timely implementation of stages, loyalty to wishes and requirements. All issues have been resolved promptly, the project curator is always online. Initiative has been shown in the work all the time, during the discussion the dialogue is substantive and objective.

Elena Chaplanova

The guys know what they are doing. Professionalism and creative approach! The development of the site from scratch, taking into account all the features of the work organization of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, has left only positive emotions and impressions. We’re glad to interact with the Rubika team. Thanks 🙂

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