Highly loaded car audio eCommerce website

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The goal

High-load car audio eCommerce website development CarmusicShop.


  • advanced menu development
  • custom catalog section
  • blog section development
  • custom stickers for products (promotion, exclusive, etc.)
  • video reviews functionality development
  • “Pre-order product” functionality development
  • caching system development
Yuri Borodin

We were looking for a team that would create a high-quality website for our products. We picked Rubika Web Development team. They did their work promptly, and most importantly with understanding what we really wanted.


The CarmusicShop eCommerce website has a huge audience of customers and a wide range of products, the selection of which is carried out to a greater extent through filters. The old store site was dark colors, overloaded with elements, and lacked a mobile version, which is a huge downside in 2016.

The main problem of the old online store was its instability with high traffic: long page loading, and poorly working product filter.

Our team has developed a new design and a new website, which is dynamic, has a user-friendly interface, and is equipped with a caching system that allows you to cope with high loads.

Carmusic eCommerce website old version
Carmusic eCommerce website redesigned version

Homepage and Header

While working on this project, we developed more than 16 intermediate designs for the main page. Here we present only a part.

Category page

This online store has a very large range of products, where manufacturers play an important role, and all content was transferred from the old version of the store, so it was decided to place, in addition to the standard filter, also the division of goods into categories by brands.

CarmusicShop eCommerce website category page

Product page

The product page is a fairly typical page of any eCommerce website, but in this case it has been finalized and contains additional elements and accents:

  • manufacturer/brand;
  • buttons “Add to favorites” and “Buy on credit”;
  • additional accessories;
  • similar products.

Carmusicshop eCommerce website product page


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