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Packaging materials & equipment eCommerce website

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The goal

Packaging materials & equipment eCommerce website redesign for IVK Tekhnika LLC.


  • current eCommerce website redesign
  • front-end development (responsive layout, adaptive HTML&CSS markup)
  • multilingual functionality
  • take into account the specifics of the products and work of the enterprise
  • custom products taxonomy development called “Rubrikator”
  • basic SEO adjustments
Alexey Rechkin
IVK Tehnika Co
IVK Tehnika Co


This company already had a website that needed modernization due to its inconsistency with modern technologies and the lack of a mobile version. In this regard, Rubika offered to completely redesign the site, taking into account all modern requirements for sites, as well as the technical characteristics necessary for trading in this area.

Upakovka eCommerce website old design
Upakovka eCommerce website new design


One of the important tasks was grouping products into product cards, as well as other additional parameters for products:

  • multiplicity – allows you to set the multiplicity of purchases for each product, for example 1.5 or 0.75 units;
  • units – as different goods can be measured both in kg. and in m.p.;
  • price availability – some products have a contractual price and a feedback form is displayed for them;
  • department email – depending on the goods in the cart and their quantity, the order is sent to the desired department;
  • noindex – the ability to disallow some website pages indexing;

Upakovka eCommerce website catalog functionality

Upakovka.com.ua eCommerce website catalog list

Product page

Upakovka eCommerce website product page


Also, when creating the site, a section “Rubricator” was developed, which allows you to select products by their field use or activity. All this is implemented with the support of three languages: Russian, Ukrainian, and English.

Checkout page

Upakovka eCommerce website checkout page

SEO optimization

In view of the fact that the client already owned the site, one of the requirements was to save all the page addresses that were indexed by search engines, which was achieved by saving the website page addresses, as well as by redirects (redirects).


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