Garden tools and equipment eCommerce website

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The goal

To develop a simple and bright eCommerce website for garden tools and spare parts for them.


  • logotype development
  • website design development
  • Opencart CMS implementation
Dmitry Vygovsky

We’ve requested the development of an online store from Rubika. The Rubika team was able to satisfy all our requests and create a site that met all our expectations. Rubika’s support team is ready to help at any stage and after sale support is great.


Representatives of the Benzoshin company turned to our team in order to develop a high-quality online store with a logo that would meet all their requirements. The site should be simple, bright, and easy to use.

The logo, in turn, had to reflect the main essence of the company, and it was decided not only to point out the obvious combination of words in the logo but also to add a graphic element in the form of a disk with teeth.

Benzoshina logotype


Benzoshina eCommerce website homepage

Category page

Benzoshina eCommerce website category page

Product page

Benzoshina eCommerce website product page

Checkout page

Benzoshina eCommerce website checkout page


Benzoshina responsive markup


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