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The goal

Ecommerce website development equipped with product options, SEO optimized. Data migration from the old website.


  • eCommerce website development
  • product options functionality development
  • functionality migration from the old CMS (import, bulk price tools)
  • data migration from the old website
Artyom Kopylov

We’ve had our online store but we were never satisfied with the admin panel of it and a store updating was a troublesome.

We decided to change shopping cart software and went with OpenCart e-commerce. Then we found a professional OpenCart developer Nikita from Rubika. He presented a new look for our shop, and we really like it. Website redesign went smoothly and our new website now mobile friendly and we can easily make all desired updates.

Recommending Rubika as website developer to all my friends.

Redesign history

When redesigning the RedBox online store, a lot of important functionality was taken into account, which looks like in the old version of the site. The old online store was written on an already existing CMS and its capabilities were limited by its architecture.

For the new site, we used the latest version of the CMS for online stores. The client has decided to use the template that was used with the standard revisions as part of the review of the content of functional amendments.

Redbox eCommerce website old design
Redbox eCommerce website new design


Category page

Redbox eCommerce website category page old design
Redbox eCommerce website category page new design


The RedBox online store is equipped with a lot of additional functionality:

  • products import – allows you to synchronize goods from different price lists from different suppliers, which updates the availability, quantity and prices of goods;
  • markup percentage for each brand, so the price is formed from the product price + brand markup;
  • products as product options – an author’s refinement that allows you to attach several child products to one product, which are different product options: colors, volumes, etc.
  • advanced reviews – allows you to add responses, subscribe to answers, comment ratings, “advantages” and “disadvantages” fields for each review to reviews;
  • category snippets – the average rating of products in the category, the minimum and maximum price, as well as popular product reviews in this category;
  • prohibition of purchases – an option that allows you to disable the ability to buy a particular product.

Redbox eCommerce website product page volume selection

Redbox eCommerce website product page color selection

SEO promotion

Elaboration of the store structure, distribution of internal weight on the goods needed by the client, and a menu that collects behavioral factors both in the mobile and desktop versions of the site.

Keywords increase +990%

Increase the keywords of by 990% with SEO

Traffic increase +461%

Increase website traffic by 461% with SEO promotion

Visibility increase +275%

Increase the visibility of by 275% with SEO promotion

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