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The goal

Sports nutrition eCommerce website development that will take into account all the subtleties of this product.


  • existing website redesign
  • implement product item selection on the product page
  • promotional product sets development
  • extended product reviews
  • news section
  • the ability to register a wholesale client
  • SEO filters
Roman Kizilov




Ecommerce website home page was developed taking into account all the wishes of the client, namely:

  • emphasis on current store promotions;
  • display advantages and regalia;
  • promo banner for the loyalty program;
  • Video footage featuring sports stars

Sport-factor eCommerce website homepage

Catalog architecture

When developing the store architecture, we understood that each of the products has several child positions in terms of parameters:

  • taste,
  • volume,
  • color,
  • size.

Thus, the store gets N*X*Y products, where N is the number of products, X is the number of parameters for the product, and Y is the number of options for the parameters, for example:

  1. Whey Protein – Strawberry – 500g
  2. Whey protein – chocolate – 500 gr.
  3. Whey Protein – Strawberry – 900g
  4. Whey protein – chocolate – 900 gr.

And when a user falls into a category, it is very easy to confuse him in such a huge list. Therefore, we have grouped all the products into one, however, if the user uses a filter, then he is immediately given commodity items.

Thus, if the visitor selects the flavor “chocolate”, he will see several offers:

  1. Whey protein – chocolate – 500 gr.
  2. Whey protein – chocolate – 900 gr.

Sport-factor category page

Product page

The main challenge in developing the structure of product for sports nutrition eCommerce website was to group goods by taste and weight, because a product can be available in one taste in one weight and not be in another.

So the question was about the intersection of parameters. It was decided to abandon the tabular layout of all options immediately, as this can take up a lot of space, and it will not be convenient to search for the desired position.

In practice, I think, many people have come across the option of selecting goods according to parameters with a strictly defined selection sequence: first color, then volume, then taste. But what if the buyer wants to choose the volume first? Why should he choose a taste if there is no volume in this taste?

In this regard, we have developed a system for selecting parameters as follows: the user can select any of the parameters, and the rest will adjust to the choice, i.e. those positions that are not in the selected color/taste/volume will become inactive. So we allow the buyer to choose first the parameter that is most important to him.

The second important task was to create a system of kits. This system allows you to attach other products at a discount to the product. Thus, when buying one product, you can add additional products to the cart but at a discount. The discount is set for each product in the group and for each main product separately, which allows you to create a very flexible pricing system.

The comments on the site were also improved – the following were added:

  • pros and cons
  • replies to comments – allows buyers to communicate
  • subscribe to replies – so that the user receives an email notification if someone replies to his comment
  • likes and dislikes for each comment

Sport-factor eCommerce website product page

Promotional kits

When developing promotional sets of goods, we created a whole section where you can conveniently get acquainted with all the offers of sets at a discount.

Sport-factor eCommerce website promotional kits


Sport-factor eCommerce website contact page is a list of physical stores in different cities of the country with a map and phone numbers.

Sport-factor eCommerce website contacts page


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