How to run a Facebook group: step by step instructions

How to run a Facebook group: step by step instructions

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If you want to promote your business on Facebook, you need to create a Facebook group. In the beginning, you should determine whether your goal will be: selling goods or services, disseminating information, or creating an interest club.

In this article, we will analyze how to create a group on Facebook and set it up correctly.

Only well-known figures (bloggers, artists, athletes, etc.) can have their own page. Companies and brands can also start a page. Any user can create a group (community). If the page is created by an ordinary user who is not an official representative or a well-known figure, then his profile can be blocked.

The community could be open or closed, and its administration can manage access for new members.

The public page is completely open and you can embed additional applications on it, expanding its functionality and making it something like a separate business card website.

The public page and the group also differ in the tasks that they perform. The public page is created in order to acquaint subscribers with the news. The group is created in order to actively interact with the participants, and for them to interact with each other, communicate and meet at the events organized by this group.

A Facebook group will be a good marketing tool for building a reputation for a person or brand and promoting goods and services. Here you can also advertise products through targeted ads. If the community has a large enough audience, then targeted advertising in social networks will be more effective than contextual advertising in search engines.

How to run a Facebook group: step by step instructions

Usually, Facebook group creation has the following goals are pursued:

  • Community of Interest. Here users can discuss the company’s products and services. It is like a universal help center and a place to find like-minded people: you can share your experience, as well as get an answer to a question from brand representatives. Also, your own group is the easiest way to collect the opinions of consumers and, based on this, develop a plan to improve your products and services;
  • Increasing loyalty. If the brand has ardent fans in the community, then they can be encouraged with gifts, discounts, and privileges. All promotions and events will automatically fall into the feed of subscribers. What does it mean – advertising promotions at no additional cost;
  • Exchange of ideas. In such communities, you can organize chats in which to brainstorm with colleagues and subscribers. This is a quick and cheap way to assemble a focus group to test the company’s new offerings;
  • Savings on the site. The group can become a place for selling goods, accepting applications, making an appointment for a consultation, or providing services. You can also provide after-sales support and provide real-time help.

Types of Facebook groups and which one to choose

The type of community affects the tools that will be at the disposal of the administrator:

  • General. Just like a regular group on a social network;
  • For sales and purchases. All posts in such a group are regarded as advertising. For them, there is a payment setting, as well as a page where all publications will be collected;
  • Social learning. Voting community with student statistics;
  • Video games. In such communities, you can connect applications and organize competitions between subscribers.

When creating all groups, you can select the type according to the availability of information:

  • Open. For users of the social network, all the standard functions that they can do in a Facebook group are available: subscribe, like, and repost posts. The group can be found through the search.
  • Closed. The community can be found through the search, but you can join it only with the administration’s approval. For those who are not a member of the group, the information published in it is closed.
  • Secret. Communities are not displayed in the search, they cannot be found in search engines either. Here they exchange information “not for everyone”. You can subscribe only by invitation of the administrator.

When creating a community, the administrator proceeds from the goals that he sets for him:

  • in open groups there is more movement, but more moderation – removal of spam, bots, people who leave offensive and provocative comments;
  • closed groups are less mobile but require less moderation;
  • secret groups are best created for communication between company employees.
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How to make a Facebook group: step by step

How to run a Facebook group: step by step instructions

It all starts with the following steps:

  1. On the main page, select “Groups” in the left menu.
  2. After the transition, click on the “Create Group” button in the upper right corner.

The site will go to the group creation form. Here we enter the following information:

  • title;
  • add people who will become the first subscribers in the Facebook group, enter the first and last name, select the necessary people from the list;
  • set the privacy level.

You can add a “Quick Links” item and the link to the group will appear in the left menu and will be always at hand when you are logged into the Facebook page.

Group settings and design

You can configure the information display in future, the function availability of creating publications for subscribers. There are three levels for this:

  • for everyone;
  • only for administrators and moderators;
  • with pre-moderation.

The last item allows you to prohibit adding content to the Facebook group and filter spam and non-thematic publications.

The design of the group consists of several things:

  1. Cover. You can create your own unique image by adding a company logo, contact details, QR code, website, etc.
  2. Description. This describes the essence of the community, the goals of the group, so that the user, having entered the page, can immediately understand what they are doing here, and whether he is interested in participating in this;
  3. Labels to search. Up to 5 tags are available to make it easier to find the community in keyword searches;
  4. Geolocation. If a physical address is specified, this will increase confidence that the company or organization is real and not hidden. Also useful if you want to limit your audience to a specific geographic area (subway station, city, region, etc.).

Group header sizes

There are 2 types of group cover sizes available on Facebook:

  • 820×312 px – PC version;
  • 640×360 px – smartphone version.
How to run a Facebook group: step by step instructions

(click to see full image)

In order not to make two different images, it is recommended to make one image 820×360 px. When changing versions, the entire width will be used, in the computer version, the image will be reduced by cutting off the image from the top and bottom.

The logo is recommended to be made within 160x160px. All Facebook image sizes are shown in the picture.

Creating and maintaining Facebook groups by Rubika

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Promotion in social networks
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