Why did the stars disappear from the Google search result page?

Why did the stars disappear from the Google search result page?

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Stars (ranking) rich-snippet in the SERPs is one of the most canonical tricks for drawing attention to a resource in the Google search results. Today, almost every website has a ranking feature for each of its pages in order to stand out from the crowd using a snippet in a Google search.

In this regard, Google decided to change the algorithm for displaying the rating in the search results, about which reported on their official blog. The fact is that most sites abused this snippet, which led to its disabling because Google is trying to make search safer and more useful.

Technically, there are no restrictions for website owners and they can still place stars and ratings on their website pages as a design element or user experience element, however, this data will not be necessarily displayed in search results.

The Google company provided a list of properties that can be rated, which will be taken into account in snippets in search results:

  • schema.org/Book
  • schema.org/Course
  • schema.org/CreativeWorkSeason
  • schema.org/CreativeWorkSeries
  • schema.org/Episode
  • schema.org/Event
  • schema.org/Game
  • schema.org/HowTo
  • schema.org/LocalBusiness
  • schema.org/MediaObject
  • schema.org/Movie
  • schema.org/MusicPlaylist
  • schema.org/MusicRecording
  • schema.org/Organization
  • schema.org/Product
  • schema.org/Recipe
  • schema.org/SoftwareApplication

Search Engine Optimizationfrom 3 month
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Despite the presence of the “Local business” and “Organization” object types in this list, it’s safe to say that most sites will lose and won’t be able to use this rich-snippet since Google has restricted its use on official sites – representative offices of the company.

Placing your own (self-serving) ratings on pages in the Organization or LocalBusiness object is prohibited!

Thus, if the A company places on its website the rating of the A company – such a rating will not be included in the search results, as it will be counted as selfish. Also in this entry were added answers to the most popular questions.

Google search will not display snippets for these pages.
No, you don’t need to remove them. Google search will simply not display the review snippets for those pages.
Manual measures will not be applied to such websites. However, we recommend that you make sure that your structured data complies with Google’s guidelines.
No, Google My Business is not affected, as this update applies to organic search only.
No. Websites that collect reviews of other organizations and companies may appear with stars in search results.
Yes. This applies to review and aggregate rating.
Google is considering creating a custom form for this. The company is slowly rolling out this update, so you may still see some instances of review stars where they shouldn’t be.
This update the name property is required now, so you need to make sure you provide the name of the element you’re reviewing.

According to the Google company, this update will make search rankings more meaningful, thereby improving the user experience, while requiring little or no change from most webmasters. You can find all information about the changes in documentation for developers.

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Our services:

Search Engine Optimization
Terms: from 3 month

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