How much does a website cost in 2022?

How much does a website cost in 2022?

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Why do you need to know how much a website costs?

There is a huge number of performers who are ready to take on your site development nowadays. How much the site costs, what the prepayment and the deadlines are – these are the first things that probably come to the customer’s mind. However, comparing different performers, you notice a huge project cost difference. The site price can vary a lot, starting from $300.

First of all, the price difference is related to the specialists’ qualification level. Professionals know their business and the site development process is perfectly understandable for them, while beginners don’t know all the development and business intricacies and won’t be able to analyze the project or offer recommendations for site improvements.

The second pricing aspect is the number and cost of tools used in the development and maintenance of the project. Tools include not only workstations, but also software: operating system, project management, graphic, and code editors software, etc.

The third factor is the initial project description accuracy since the same tasks and goals can be implemented in different ways, which can affect the budget significantly. Therefore, to get a more accurate project calculation, try to specify as many details as possible, or contact the specialists to write the terms of reference for the project, if necessary.

If you want to know the cost of website development, use the table below:

Landing pagefrom 900$
Business card websitefrom 2400$
Corporate websitefrom 3500$
eCommerce websitefrom 3900$

Therefore, be sure you read this article before ordering a site. This post will tell you about the website’s pricing, its components, developers’ tricks, and additional options. Then you will be able to determine the cost of your site so that you get exactly what you expect from the contractor.

eCommerce Website Developmentfrom 4 weeks
Corporate Website Developmentfrom 3 weeks
Search Engine Optimizationfrom 3 month
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Components of the cost of the site

So, to determine the cost of the site, it is certainly necessary to understand what components, stages, and work types the site development process consists of. The final cost is determined by the amount of work performed by the specialist, which is converted into the time spent on development.

In addition to developing the software product itself, you need to use the services of hosting providers to place your site on the Internet. To do this, you need to rent hosting and a domain.

How much does a website cost per month, and what components and stages of work affect the cost of the site:

  1. design
  2. layout
  3. implementation
  4. programming
  5. testing.

Hosting payment

Monthly fee for the hosting service and storing your site on a server constantly online. The price for hosting services at the beginning of 2022 starts from $60 per year and depends on the resource intensity of your site.

Domain payment

The annual fee for renting a domain name service (domain address, for example, “”), which will link to your hosting, which hosts the site. The domain name cost depends on the domain zone (.com, .eu, etc.) and starts from $15 per year. For example, a domain in the .com zone costs $15 per year, and in the .ua zone – $60 per year (the .ua zone is available for owners of a trademark only).

Site design

A project of your site, which is a design layout in FIG, SKETCH, or PSD format and shows the final site interface. Such a prototype is developed in several stages:

  • mockup – discussion of sections/blocks, functionality, site content and creation of a mockup (site map);
  • design – full-fledged website interface development using a graphic editor (Figma, Photoshop, Sketch, Lunacy, etc.) for its further layout;
  • coordination with the client – discussion & approval.

The work cost varies depending on the performer level and experience, as well as the number of pages you need to develop. Thus, the cost of design is directly proportional to the work level and volume. A high-quality design starts from $600 and approximately 1 week of development time.


The process of interactive pages development from a design layout by extracting pictures, icons, and other graphic elements from a project design (source), markup. The cost varies depending on several parameters:

  • layout literacy – correct markup, optimization, display according to the layout, semantics;
  • availability of adaptability – the page adapts to the size of any screen, it is convenient to interact with it on any device;
  • volume – the site pages number and their complexity (presence of animations and complex elements).

In general, the layout cost starts from $500 and approximately 2-3 days of development time.

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Programming and testing the site depends on the complexity and work amount at these stages, and it is difficult to make even an approximate calculation. However, if you need a regular information site or a simple online store, the cost of these stages can cost from $900 each, and approximately from 2-3 weeks of development time.

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Our services:

eCommerce Website Development
Terms: from 4 weeks
Corporate Website Development
Terms: from 3 weeks
Search Engine Optimization
Terms: from 3 month

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