How to choose a website developer

How to choose a website developer

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The number of websites on the Internet is steadily growing every day, and the number of website developers is growing at the same rate. This leads to the fact that the Customer cannot decide on the contractor, because the choice is so great, and the difference in development costs is even greater. Our post can help you.

Website builders types

Like in any other direction, in the digital services field there is a huge range of different levels contractors and nature on the market: from novice student interns to large companies. Conventionally, it is possible to divide all performers into several groups that a potential Client can contact:

  1. Amateur student;
  2. Experienced freelancer;
  3. A package with a ready-made service from a small company;
  4. Large company

Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages, in particular, we would like to single out two main criteria: price and quality, since the execution time may vary based on the contractor workload, the project complexity, the communication promptness between the Client and the developer, and other factors.

Web Design Developmentfrom 1 week
Information Website Developmentfrom 2 weeks
Search Engine Optimizationfrom 3 month
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Beginner developers

Of course, to create the cheapest site you will be helped by a beginner (perhaps even an acquaintance) developer or student, but what will be the quality? Will he be able to cope with the tasks and implement them competently, with a reserve for the future, because business and technology are constantly evolving, and for this, the foundation is very important (choosing the right platform), it is important to continuously interact between the Client and the Customer, maintain and update the site, introduce new technologies. Often, novice developers have limited competence and cannot think in terms of the entire project, they perform highly specialized work.

Thus, we come to the conclusion that website development quality is one of the main indicators that determine further project success. And in most cases, working with novice developers, you get a product of dubious quality, a semi-finished product.

Website development on Freelance

If we talk about freelancers, then within this segment there is an unthinkable range of prices and quality, which often makes it difficult to choose the right contractor. A large number of offers: from $100 for the eCommerce website development and up to space prices, make a person bewildered. This confusion can be safely multiplied by the number of exchanges and platforms for freelancers because each exchange has its own freelancers how to choose the one?

The main danger is that unscrupulous performers or the same amateurs are hiding among experienced lone developers who are ready to “sell” (perhaps even at the lowest cost) to the Client a free template solution that can be implemented by the amateur and/or “adapted” by the performer himself.

Website development in a small company

It is very common to find small companies’ websites that offer web design packages for a relatively small cost. Some companies offer eCommerce website for $200 or a business card website for $100. The fact is that a fixed price means the sale of a finished product, which is often a template solution. This can be either a company-designed template that is sold to all customers, brand uniqueness is lost, or a finished product from another supplier, as mentioned above.

In this case, there are several technical features of such a product. If the website has a hidden source code, or the developers keep it on their hosting, then there are two dangers: the inability to modify, modernize the website or pay an inflated price for any work on the site and a lifetime binding to the company or developers. In the case of open-source and complete freedom of action, most likely you are offered a common template with minor changes.

Another danger is the lack of development team proper experience, because in the pursuit of minimizing the cost of the product, professional workers are not always hired, and quality control is carried out exclusively at the visual level by company leaders who are not always technically savvy. It may happen that the website is created by the same amateur students with a leader who is not versed in the technical intricacies of the project.

Website development in a large company

The quality of development at large companies is often higher than that of novice developers or freelancers because they have more resources and work with more professional projects that require more experience. Accordingly, the probability of getting a quality product is high, but don’t forget about the trainees.

Another obstacle is a large number of managers, whose actions are sometimes aimed at postponing decisions “until later” since they can lead several projects and your project will be shelved. Or, in search of a responsible person, you can spend more than one day and talk with a dozen nice female secretaries without finding out anything!

Where to order a website?

Much depends on the business area, first of all, it is necessary to soberly assess the level of your project and set specific requirements for it. If we are talking about beautiful pastries or other specific goods or services, with their small production, then only competent advertising campaigns on social networks are enough. The specialists of our company are always ready to suggest to you the most correct options for marketing solutions, website promotion, and increase in sales.

But even despite the type of project, be it a landing page or a corporate website, you should not neglect the quality. Of course, each area and at any level has its own advantages and disadvantages, everyone chooses the option that suits him, but do not forget that there are no quality products for free. Read the Instruction to the Customer and pay attention to the “Free” zone and its correlation with quality and speed.

How to choose a website developer

If we talk about the difficulties or misunderstandings that may arise during the work on the project, and any production process is not without these moments, then the criterion of the attitude of project managers and developers to the Client and how these difficulties will be solved is very important here. Companies experienced in web development always come up with a solution that will benefit the product.

Rubika’s philosophy

First of all, we would like to highlight our commitment to the cause and the like-minded professional team perfectionism, which is the success key of any of our projects. We have been developing WEB solutions since the time when it was not mainstream yet, and the Internet was just beginning to emerge and said its first “dial-up”.

The second factor we would like to note is the friendly mood and desire to help each client we work with, because it is the Client who determines who we will be tomorrow, and we take the responsibility to present him online in the best light. We strive for the golden mean in terms of price/quality ratio, and we try to make digital services more friendly for everyone.

We believe that a website is an individual project and for each Client, it must be unique and have certain qualities and special capabilities. Of course, we also use some ready-made solutions in the course of work and always carefully monitor the quality of what we do. Our projects are a synthesis of the most advanced solutions, creativity, and practicality.

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Our services:

Web Design Development
Terms: from 1 week
Information Website Development
Terms: from 2 weeks
Search Engine Optimization
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