Google My Business is ending

Google My Business is ending

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Today, Google notified users of the abolition of a separate application for the Google My Business service, announcing that now the management of companies in Google search and on Google maps will be carried out directly in the services themselves. According to the comments, this should make it easier to manage your companies in the service.

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How to manage a company in Google Business now

Now to manage your companies you need to enter the name of your company, for example “Rubika” or the phrase “My business” in order to go to editing information about your companies on Google maps and in search.

Manage company profiles in the Google Maps app

The “Your Business Profiles” control point has been added to the Google Maps mobile app. Google declares that all the main features of managing companies in Google services are preserved, namely:

  • change information about the company, such as company hours of operation;
  • managing the company’s goods and services;
  • company promotion;
  • adding photos;
  • publish updates;
  • Interaction with customers through feedback and messages.

Also, in the Google search results, suggestions are available to improve the user experience for interacting with your company.
Example of managing a company from a SERP page

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Our opinion

Of course, in my opinion, this is an interesting move to simplify the process of managing a company for one owner, but for large companies where several people with a Google Business profile work, this can cause inconvenience, since previously there was a separate service for managing a company, in which you could Easily manage posts and other content on your Google My Business profile.

The most interesting thing is that the link to the built-in messenger (Messages) still opens in the main Google My Business web application. How this conflict will be resolved has not yet been reported. Perhaps Google decided to simplify this service since not all the functionality of this service is in demand since no actual efficiency was observed when using the same publications. Let’s be honest, few people read the publications of companies in her profile on Google maps.


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Our services:

Search Engine Optimization
Terms: from 3 month

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